We are one of the best invention patent litigators in the Philippines and

we have registered over 2,000 patents and 1,000 trademarks and counting...


Our Vision

With our unwavering sense of responsibility, our passion for excellence, competence, creativity, integrity and our vital commitment to multilateral treaties and/or agreements, we incessantly set goals for the improvement, efficiency and effectiveness of its legal structure, protection and enforcement.

We envision a totally committed, fair and just intellectual property community thereby encouraging technological advancement toward a progressive, vibrant economy. 

Our Mission

  1. We are a driving force for patent inventions, innovations, trademarks and copyrights as we lead in complying, safeguarding, respecting and maximizing our country's policy on intellectual property law.
  2. We spearhead significant contributions, and inculcate "value-added" inputs for Intellectual Property protection and enforcement in the Philippines.
  3. Our full commitment to safeguarding inventions and innovative ideas, concepts and technologies remains focused and burning.
  4. We contribute to foster the importance of respecting intellectual property rights and protecting businesses, services and pioneering ideas.
What We Offer

Our Services

Patents, Industrial Designs & Trademarks

Copyrights & Technology Transfers

Infringement & Unfair Competition

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News & Updates

Our practice areas in Intellectual Property Rights are geared towards changes and targeting goals which ensure breakthroughs for Filipinos and the country as a whole.

Free Consulting

Call us at (632) 7621-3663, (632) 7576-3736 & (632) 8334-8374 or fill out the form.

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